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Hotel & Spa

Regatta Spa Hotel

Torikatu 2, 10900 Hanko


Mon-Fri 7-22
Sat 7.30-22
Sun 7.30-21

Regatta Spa

Merikatu 2, 10900 Hanko

Regatta SPA

Mon-Fri 11-19
Sat 10-20
Sun 10-16

The pool area closes half an hour before closing time. Entrance to the pool area at least one hour before closning time.

The pool and sauna department is open only for hotel guests and stakeholders on Saturdays from 14-20.

The Beauty Salon serves all customers all year round.


Brasserie Regatta

Torikatu 2, 10900 Hanko 
(within the hotel)

Mon-Fri 7-9.30
Sat-Sun 7.30-10.30

Mon-Sun 17-22

Lobby Bar
Mon-Sat 10-22
Sun 10-21

Room service 
Mon-Thu 17-21
Fri-Sat 17-22
Sun 17-21

The kitchen closes an hour before closing time. Serving of alcoholic beverages ends half an hour before closing.