For everyone’s safety, rooms and balconies are non-smoking and no live candles are used. However, if these rules have been broken, we will send a separate sanction invoice.

If a security service has to be called to the hotel premises due to a customer’s behaviour (e.g. night-time noise), the customer will be responsible for a security service charge.

We comply with the government regulations regarding COVID-19. Our staff strictly follows the given safety and hygiene instructions.

We carefully disinfect various contact surfaces, such as door handles, payment terminals, reception desks and elevator buttons with antibacterial detergents.

We take increased care of hand hygiene, which we also encourage our guests to do. Hand sanitiser is available in the public areas of our hotel.

Transparent plexiglass has been installed at the reception desk to protect both our guests and employees.

The use of a face mask is voluntary for customers and staff in accordance with the general instructions. If the customer so wishes, the staff will wear a mask during the provided service. Please let the staff know in advance at the time of your event or booking, or on site.

At all pay desks, we prefer card payment to cash.

We remind our guests to follow the recommended safety distance and make sure no groups form in the common areas. 

Please visit us only if you are currently healthy!